How Brokers Can Help Owners Sell Their Helicopters

December 12, 2012 By Fred
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Sellers today face an uphill battle! That being the case, how can “the helicopter broker” help? Perhaps the most important thing we can do for any Seller is…Tell the Truth.


Tell the Truth about the overall helicopter sales market situation

Nothing is gained by exaggerating your abilities as a broker or leading the customer to believe that his helicopter is likely to sell in just a few days or weeks. Misrepresentation of the market to a seller shows a lack of expertise, a lack of integrity, or both.


Tell the Truth about the value of the Seller’s helicopter for sale

A helicopter is just like any other high dollar commodity. It is only worth what someone else is willing to pay. An experienced broker knows what that number should be and will advise the Seller accordingly. Agreeing with a seller, or attempting to convince a seller that his helicopter is worth more than it really is, is counterproductive and will NEVER yield positive results. Remember, the goal is to sell the helicopter…not advertise it.


If a seller chooses to use your services, then work hard on his behalf

The challenge for brokers is to educate clients and make them aware of their experience level and capabilities…as well as their limitations. A helicopter broker must project a strong responsibility for their own actions and be accountable to their clients…therefore providing them with an honest and trustworthy partner.


Expand the target market for the seller

Increasing the span of your target market is essential in being able to maximize the value and minimize the time required in selling a helicopter. An experienced helicopter broker will already have an established worldwide network of contacts and resources available to them. Although I have been in this business many years, I continue to be amazed by the number of helicopter owners who think that retaining a broker to sell their helicopters is nothing more than added expense.

One more Truth to share…An experienced and honest helicopter broker will save an owner both time and money, not to mention a lot of aggravation.

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