Pricing Your Turbine Helicopter

April 3, 2015 By Fred

Selling a pre-owned helicopter in today’s market is difficult for an experienced broker and it is especially challenging if the owner and/or broker do not price the helicopter correctly. Lest there be any doubt, we are today and have been for several years in a buyer’s market. . . Read More


Four Questions a Turbine Helicopter Buyer Should Ask in Selecting a Sales Broker Organization

March 25, 2015 By Fred

The last thing most helicopter buyers think they need today is help from a helicopter broker, especially if it is a “buyer’s market”. So why would they need a broker’s help to buy a helicopter? The simple answer: An experienced helicopter broker can save them tens of thousands of. . . Read More


How Brokers Can Help Owners Sell Their Helicopters

December 13, 2012 By Fred

Sellers today face an uphill battle! That being the case, how can “the helicopter broker” help? Perhaps the most important thing we can do for any Seller is... Tell the Truth. Tell the Truth about the overall helicopter sales market situation. Nothing is gained by exaggerating. . . Read More


The Advantages of Using a Helicopter Broker

December 13, 2012 By Fred

Many owners who want to sell their helicopter think the last thing they need today is help from a helicopter broker. Some see brokers as an unnecessary expense and others simply don’t understand the advantages a good broker can provide. The same logic holds true for those who. . . Read More